Replace the Fabric on Tufted Cushions

Replace the Fabric on Tufted Cushions

Tufting adds interpretation to an or else flat pillow surface area, and also it can raise a standard, simple pillow to a vital design aspect. Replacing the textile and also re-tufting the pad is a task you can take on with confidence that the outcome will be to your complete satisfaction.

Things You Will Certainly Need

Scissors, Ironing table, Really felt pen, Pushing towel, Iron, Textile, Material marking pen, Stitching device, Matching string, Tufting needle, Upholstery string, New buttons, Clear-drying textile glue

How to Replace the Fabric on Tufted Cushions

Step 1: Get rid of all the buttons by lifting each switch and clipping the thread connecting it to the equivalent switch on the back of the cushion.

Step 2: Open 8 inches of the joint along the back of the padding, cutting very carefully to avoid reducing the material.

Step 3: Get rid of the stuffing from the pillow cover and set it aside.

Step 4: Open all the joints on the padding cover and also lay each area on a pushing table or ironing board. Using a felt pen, compose the description of the part on the textile– top, side, as well as bottom boxing strips.

Step 5: Lay a pushing towel over each item as well as steam press the old cover as flat as possible. Allow each item to dry before relocate.

These old items are the pattern pieces for the new cover.

Step 6: Lay the new fabric on the table, right side up. Area each pattern piece on the brand-new textile, wrong side of the pattern item against the right side of the brand-new material.

Step 7: Cut out the new fabric, making use of the pattern pieces as the reducing guide. Fold up one edge of each brand-new textile piece up as well as put an “X” on the wrong side.

Step 8: Mark the button placement on the pillow top by putting the suggestion of the textile marking pen right into each hole made by the button-attaching threads. Make sure that there’s a clear mark on the new material. Mark the button positionings on the padding-bottom piece.

Step 9: Stitch the brand-new pillow cover together, reproducing the old cushion. Turn the cushion ideal side out and also put the packing with the void in the seam.

Step 10: Thread the folded up loop via the shank of a button and string the two loose ends of the thread through the loop. Pull the loose ends tight, safeguarding the switch on the string.

Step 11: Place the needle right into the top of the padding at one of the button placement marks. Departure the pillow at the equivalent mark on the bottom of the cushion. Pull strings tight.

Eliminate the needle. Put one loose string end right into the shank of another button and glide the button down to the pillow surface. Tie the two threads along with a square knot, drawing the threads tight, requiring both buttons right into the surface of the cushion, producing the tufting. Wind the threads around to the contrary side of the switch as well as connect an extra square knot. Trim the excess strings.

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