How to Find a Hole in an Air Mattress? (or Leak)

How to Find a Hole in an Air Mattress? (or Leak)

Air mattresses are super comfortable for the people who are often looking for a portable, convenient and usable mattress that they can use at different places they visit. Like some people go for a lot of travelling or camping or even for people who have schedules to move at different places for work and do not get sleep because of changing mattresses. This issue is often faced by many and air mattress is the perfect solution for them.

There are different brands that provide air mattresses that has different kinds of comfort and features. But however good the air mattress is, it is likely to leak from some or the other parts and it becomes difficult to identify from where the leak has started. And it becomes important to check the leak point because you might face the issue like slowly the mattress shrinks while you are sleeping.

What is an Air Mattress?

Also known as the inflammable mattress or the sleeping pad, this mattress is an inflatable mattress which is made from PVC or textile reinforcement or rubber or urethane plastic. While you aren’t using it, the deflated mattress can be compacted, folded and can be carried and stored in a small section of your bag. Whenever you want to use it, you can simply blow in through the valve and it gets deflated again.

Effective Ways to Identify the Hole in your Air Mattress

You need to first prepare yourself for doing the investigation of your air mattress and then start the process. For this, you need adequate space and light to move around and check out the entire mattress. Go to that spot and inflate your air mattress. Your mattress should be firm and must not be over-inflated.

Common Air Mattress Leak Areas

Once you have prepared yourself with the space and inflating the mattress, you will now check the areas or locations where generally the mattress gets leaked from. Usually, the area near the valve and seams gets the defect first as compared to any other areas. Silently touch and feel that area if the air is passing through that or no, if so, then you will have to stitch that area or change the valve. If that isn’t the issue than check other areas with the next step.

Soapy Solution

If you have an excess to the soap and water solution along with small spray bottle, then you can go for the following method. Fill the spray bottle fully with soap and water and mix them together. Now, spray this soapy water to the areas you expect are leaking like valve, seam and other areas. If you are not able to find the exact area, then sprinkle the spray water all over the mattress. Wherever you see the bubbles coming out, is the area of leak. This is because, as the air merges with the soapy water, bubbles are created.

Once you find the area of leak mark it up and show it to some experts for solution. Try not to do it yourself as it might further damage your mattress. Also, if you are not able to find the leak area in anyway, then its better you discard the mattress and go for a new one. Like a euro top or pillow top mattress or another camping mattress itself.

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