Firm Versus Plush Mattress (Pros and Cons of Each)

Firm Versus Plush Mattress (Pros and Cons of Each)

The mattress kinds that we differentiated earlier, euro top vs pillow top and mattress pad vs mattress toppers, were kinds of mattresses, but when we talk about firm and plush mattress, that comes under the quality and softness that the other mattresses provide. For example, if you are looking for improving the firmness of your mattress than you can go for a mattress topper over your old mattress.

Mattress toppers also have a variety was it provides plushness. So, which mattress toppers should you select – plush or the firm one? Similar question rises while we select any kind of mattress or bedding for ourself. Basically, you must know the difference between the two – plush and firm beds, and understand your own need and then decide on which mattress you actually want and will suit your requirements. So, let’s get deeper and look at the difference between the two.

What is a Plush Mattress?

A plush mattress is a mattress that suits best for the one’s looking for a super soft feel of the mattress. While you lie down on a plush mattress, you feel like you actually are hugging the mattress while you sleep. This is because, the mattress is super soft and you get completely shrunk with in the bedding as it takes the shape of your body. It is super comfortable mattress.

What is a Firm Mattress?

As the name suggests, this is a firm feeling mattress. In earlier days, mattresses use to be flat and were named firm. But when we talk about the firm mattress, this isn’t true. The firmness is in terms of staying straight. So, while you lie down, you can still be on the surface and not completely dug in the mattress. There are tons of firm mattresses out of which you can select from. There are soft versions of this mattress also. So, while you take a soft firm mattress, you get the mattress hug you but you won’t be shrunk in the mattress.

Difference Between Firm and Plush Mattresses

One major difference between the two is that one gets you cozy by getting you shrunk in it while the other let’s you stay firm up yet gets you the cozy feel. So, it depends on you what gives you more comfort – a super soft bedding that get you tucked in or you want to have a bedding that lets you stay up.

  • The plush bedding completely takes the shape of your body and lets you feel as if you are just in the air. While the firm bedding gives your body the cozy support to lie on it and enjoy your sleep
  • For people with a backpain issue or with spondyloses issues might not find the plush bedding comfortable as it doesn’t provide the support they require for their back and they need a sturdy support which only firm mattress provides.
  • For side sleepers, plush mattress is the best option as when you sleep on one side, your head also goes falling in that direction which might cause shoulder ache or headache. When you use plush mattress, it takes the shape of the body so, you head won’t fall side ways and you won’t face any issue at all
  • For the one’s who sleep on stomach, firm mattress is the best as that ways the entire body will be aligned in the same form. While in plush mattress, you may face the issue like some parts of the body might get more weight and so might feel heavy and later that area stays in pain.

All-in-all, you must select a mattress that best suits your personal bodily needs. For the one’s who use air mattress while on a travel, here are the easy tips to find the leak in their air mattress.

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