How to Store a Mattress (Dos and Don’ts Included)

How to Store a Mattress (Dos and Don’ts Included)

We spend so much of time, efforts and money in selecting and purchasing the best possible mattress for ourselves. But do we even think how will we store it. Many of us might just purchase the mattress for the required beds. What if you are emptying a room for gym or something else and you are thinking of storing the bedding. So, how do you opt for storing your mattress?

Some of my friends have stores their mattress in the store room without any thought. But did you know that your bedding might get affected by termites or bed bugs or any other insects and ruin your mattress? If the mattress is stored properly, it might as well have a life of 10-15 years without any major damage. But if not stored properly, then it might last for a very few years.

How to Store a Mattress?

Mattress is quite a big investment, not only of money, but also of time – like you might spend time in understanding different kinds of bedding, check out euro top and pillow top mattress, plush and firm mattress and many more and then eventually purchase a mattress. So, while you invest so much, you need to store and maintain the mattress well. Here are some mattress storage tips for you.

1. Cleaning the Mattress

Keeping the mattress clean by vacuuming, air dryer and other cleaners, keeps it away from any insects or bed bugs. You do not need to clean it every day but cleaning in once in a week might increase its shelf-life. Just vacuum it thoroughly, apply the cleaner, let the mattress dry on the outside. If you are travelling then cover it with a plastic and keep it in a covered truck while moving.

2. Store Mattress on Flat and Clear Items

Some people fold the mattress or keep it stored vertically sideways which might damage the mattress. It is crucial to keep the mattress on a flat surface and keep it on clean items. This mattress while is stored should be kept in the mattress bag or plastic wrap only.

3. Avoid Placing Items on the Top of the Mattress

While you keep the mattress flat on a clear flat surface, you might be tempted to keep some or the other storage items over it. You must definitely avoid this as it might damage or it might get pressed from that particular area for life. So, do not place any item over the stored mattress. This specifically happens with the plush mattress and less in firm mattress as the plush ones are softer and more delicate to handle such weight.

You must store your mattress in a clean place and a flat surface, must keep a watch on it and wash it at least once in a week so you can maintain the mattress for longer period of time. If you see that you are not going to use that mattress any day than you must just get rid of them and sell it of to someone who really needs it. If you are a travel person, you might as well be using the air mattress, you will find this article on ‘how to find the leak in air mattress’ helpful if you are facing any such issues.

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