How to Fix a Sagging Mattress? Fix Lumpy Mattress

How to Fix a Sagging Mattress? Fix Lumpy Mattress

Did you know, one of every 10 people face the issue of having less than around 7 hours of sleep in the night all over the world. Day-by-day, the quality of sleep is worsening as the stress and other issue conquer. Sagging of mattress worsens the sleep quality of the individual. The scientists all around the world are researching a lot to improve the quality of sleep for people. This research has brought in several types of mattresses for different kinds of sleepers.

Type of mattresses include euro top and pillow top mattresses, topper and mattress pad and many more. All these types are for different people. Everyone has their own needs for a mattress and so they should be given a product as per their need. If you face back pain issue, you must not go for a super soft plush bedding rather go for firm mattress. You can select among the plush and firm bedding as per the requirement you have. After doing all the research and purchasing the right mattress, if the issue of sagging occurs than it is a lot irritating.

Sagging of Mattress Signs

Obviously, a new mattress won’t start sagging immediately, but post some amount of time, this issue does happen. The issue of sagging does show some signs before it completely wears off. Following are the signs that will tell you that sagging of mattress will soon happen.

  • Feeling of Fall from the bed
  • You do not get enough good sleep in the same bed
  • You wake up with back or head paining
  • You face some or the other bodily aches
  • You feel like bed is getting hard

Tips to Fix the Sagging Mattress

All the above troubles happen consistently and so, we come to know that there is an issue with the bedding. If it just happens for a day or two then it doesn’t happen – then the issue isn’t with the bedding. Here are some clear-cut tips for you to fix the sagging bedding.

  • Flipping the mattress upside down helps for most types of mattresses. This way it becomes soft again and sagging of the downside mattress lowers due to the pressure that comes from the upper side to stay still in the same position
  • Using a mattress topper or a mattress pad might as well help as with that, you can get the bedding to be firm and soft too
  • If you are using a top bedding that has the softness on one side only, then rather than flipping, you must rotate the bed. So, your upper area gets the softer side which in turn gives you a better sleep
  • Add pillow under the mattress which will increase the softness and lets you rest easily. But this is temporary solution rather you can take up other methods
  • Using a plywood below the mattress which will give the mattress an upliftment and support which will reduce the sagging and give you a better-quality sleep

Fixing the sagging is good while it happens, but it is better to keep a check of it beforehand for it to not start sagging. You may also face the issue of sliding of mattress that issue is also resolved by us. If you are still not able to fix after the above-mentioned techniques than either you got to purchase a new mattress or start using your futon mattress.

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