How to Keep Mattress from Sliding off the Bed?

How to Keep Mattress from Sliding off the Bed?

There are some issues that almost everyone faces with their mattresses as they do not properly maintain or store their mattress. Other than sagging of mattress, many also face the issue of sliding of mattress. A sliding bed is nuisance when we are trying to have a good sleep at night. It happens either because the mattress’s topper or pad is not staying fix or the bad frame is too smooth to keep the mattress over it.

Sometimes the plush mattress is too smooth to stay on the bed. There are both pre- made accessories or some D.I.Y. tools that you can apply to avoid mattress from sliding off the bed.

What Causes the Mattress to Slide?

There may be several reasons for the mattress to slide off the bed as discussed above. But the major reasons for the same can be the following.

  • Sometimes there is very little to no friction between the mattress and the bed frame to have the grip. This happens mostly because of the memory or latex foam in the mattress.
  • As the mattress ages so does its quality. Hence sometimes the friction reduces and eventually the sliding happens.
  • Improper support to the bedding may also cause the sliding. This might happen when the bed frame is quite big compared to the mattress or the legs of the bed frame.

How to Fix Mattress from Sliding Off the Bed?

  • The easiest and most economical way is to add a non-skid mattress pad or a well fit mattress topper over it. So, it doesn’t slide off.
  • To keep and maintain the grip between the mattress and the bed frame, you may go for a Velcro tape to make sure both the sides stick to each other. That will eventually stop the sliding of mattress.
  • To fix the big bed frame issue, you might have to either purchase a new bed frame or a new mattress.
  • If you wish to go for a cheaper option than you can buy a rubber matting that goes under the area of the mattress. So, the mattress doesn’t slide or move along the bed frame.
  • Another cheaper option as the solution of big bed frame is that you can snug in soft material towels in all the corners and the sides of bed to have the grip between the mattress and the bed frame. This is a temporary solution as that won’t look good while guests arrive at your place.

There is a possibility that the mattress topper might be sliding off. This may happen because your sheets are tied loose. You can tight fit the sheet over the mattress topper to get better results.

There may also be a possibility that the bed frame is sliding over the smooth floors causing the movement of your bedding. You can avoid this by placing a rug or a non-skid furniture foot or a rubber shelf liner under the legs of the furniture.

These are the simple tips for avoiding your mattress from sliding off the bed. You may also be using or might want to purchase a futon mattress for yourself, before you do that you must checkout the sizes of Futon mattress that might fill in your requirement.

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