How To Raise An Air Mattress Off The Floor? Why Should You Raise Your Air Mattress?

How To Raise An Air Mattress Off The Floor? Why Should You Raise Your Air Mattress?

Among the greatest developments when it concerns resting as well as comfort would most certainly need to be an air mattress. The factor for this is because having mattresses that can be pumped up has most certainly made transport of the bed mattress from one location to another easier.

Back then, when the only mattress was the standard ones made of spring as well as foam, which were instead difficult to transport, due to its hefty weight.

Back then, these cushions would certainly have to be carried by at most 4 individuals and also moved with a wheelbarrow or some kind of transport mechanism. At that time, individuals didn’t truly trouble to ask exactly how to raise an air mattress off the floor.

Reasons for raising your air mattress of the floor

Reasons for raising your air mattress of the floor

1. Lengthen the life span of the cushion

One benefit of increasing your air mattress is to prolong its life. If the technique used fits you far better and also keeps it from slit and damage, it indicates your cushion will certainly last for long when contrasted to various other cushions. The flooring also harbors lots of points. Points such as sharp objects like pins, needles as well as others can penetrate your bed mattress. Keeping it elevated avoids unnecessary damage.

2. Support your posture

Having an even place to elevate your bed mattress means your stance will be better. Bad posture is the source of lower neck and back pain as well as various other back issues. These problems can be averted by placing your mattress on an also surface. The elevation likewise means that our legs are supported, and also your entire body as well. When lying down, we use the back muscular tissues which imply when not taken excellent care of, you can trigger unneeded strain.

3. Added convenience

The reason for raising your air mattress on the floor is to provide you with the much-added convenience. It constantly feels far better when resting on an elevated surface area that sleeping on the flooring, even if you have an air mattress.

4. Maintain your cushion tidy

Absolutely nothing is irritating as needing to clean up the air mattress after every evening due to all the dust it builds up during the night. You can clean your bed mattress whenever you want. However, that does not mean you require to clean it whenever. To begin with, increasing it will certainly protect against dust and also even possible dangerous pests from your bed mattress. All of us understand what direct exposure to dust can do to your wellness; it can be problematic to those who as oversensitive to dirt.

5. Prevent deflation overnight

Although you won’t prevent deflation of your air mattress if you comply with these safety measures, increasing your blow-up mattress will assist to some extent. The cold floor can make your mattress deflate since it possibly will not be gotten used to the space temperature. Raising it indicates your cushion will certainly maintain its temperature level, which method you will certainly avoid awakening with a flat mattress.

Methods to Raise An Air Mattress Off The Floor

Methods to Raise An Air Mattress Off The Floor

The procedure of raising an air bed is much more fascinating than you realize. This is because there are numerous different methods for you to take, for instance:

1. Structures

This is one of the more straightforward methods of raising a blow-up mattress because it involves using frameworks. You can discover them in any variety of stores. However, you need to apply caution when picking them.

2. Material 

Regular framing materials from your neighborhood equipment store will be wood and steel. If you are going to attempt to make your air bed structures, I recommend you attempt and also reproduce Futon bed frames. Simply put, Futon structures are made with utility in mind as well as are purposely created to be folded up and also moved quickly.

However, you could miss the inconvenience of a do it yourself job and also purchase a cushion bed structure. A single fold bed framework should do the trick.

You will intend to make certain that A, its dimensions will fit your inflatable bed. As well as B, that the produced mounted doesn’t have any sharp items that can pierce your air mattress.

3. Plywood

If you desire an easy solution as well as don’t want the bells as well as whistles of a bed structure, then putting down plywood for your air mattress to rest on may be the solution for you.

The plywood approach is typically applied as a safety action. Additionally, plywood will lift the inflatable bed off the ground by 1 inch.

However, if it just takes an inch between your $100 inflatable bed being damaged or otherwise, it’s well worth it.

One issue by having a plywood layer between your air mattress and the ground is the hazard of timber rot. An easy workaround you can use is to wrap the plywood in a waterproof material like a tarp if you intend to go above and past.

What you can do is place the plywood on bed frames (that you built or purchased in action over) before laying the inflatable bed in addition to it. 

4. Box Spring

While frameworks and also plywood are simple sufficient to utilize, a box spring may be the most convenient option for several of you, especially if you can not access plywood or frames.

Box springs are straightforward. It’s a simple issue of putting the inflatable bed on package springtime. Naturally, because air mattresses are a little much more fragile than a foam mattress. You’re likely to wish to safeguard them from the damages that package springtime may trigger.

You will need somewhat of a protective barrier to exist in between the air mattress as well as the box springs. The remedy for this is to lie plywood over the box springtimes and then place the blow-up mattress ahead.

The plywood will certainly protect against the intensity of the Box Springs from cutting up the cushion, leaving you with a springier jumping castle experience.


Unique safety measures have to be taken if you want to raise your air mattress off the floor. This is because given that it’s full of air, any sharp things or products might virtually cause the whole bed to be penetrated, and in the worst circumstances, ruptured.

While you might virtually use DIY tasks, there are several prefabricated products you can acquire in the market too to cater to your blow-up mattress boosting needs.

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