What Mattress Does La Quinta Use? How Good Are These Mattresses

What Mattress Does La Quinta Use? How Good Are These Mattresses

I have received a few emails from others asking about the mattress being used in hotel LaQuinta. Some of their staying clients found the mattress extremely comfortable and wanted to know the brands of the mattresses. To answer this question, I have written this article to inform you about everything you need to know about the mattresses being used at hotel LaQuinta. Here are some of the emails I have received.

1. “Greetings,

I was hoping you could offer some information with something I saw on your web site.

I have a lower back issue, likely joint inflammation, incorporated with a sciatic nerve problem that has prevented me from obtaining a full nights sleep for the past 4 years.

I typically do not or can’t sleep in beds. I lately remained (twice) at a La Quinta Inn hotel in Appleton, WI that had a Simmons Beautyrest pillow leading mattress on the bed.

I reluctantly slept this bed since I had no other option. To my awe, I could get 7-8 hours of sleep in it. And also I got up with much less pain than I have had in years.

My very first stay at this hotel was in March, and also I remained once again the 3rd week or April.

I informed my other half that if I could oversleep this bed a 2nd time and feel like I did the first time that we were most likely to purchase this bed. 

It was no fluke. I could rest via the nights the second keep. When I returned home, I started the search to acquire this bed when I ran across your internet site and a testimonial (or warning) not to acquire this bed because if I do, I will certainly regret it within a few months. 

It’s noticeable to me, a company mattress with a soft pillow leading significantly helps my condition since I was able to repeat a complete nights rest during 2 different remains. I need something not similar, however identical to what I experienced at La Quinta in Appleton, WI as well as with some longevity.

For my condition, and also sanity, I wish you can provide some recommendations and a suggestion. The only issue I have with acquiring something sight undetected is what happens if I find I can’t oversleep it?”

Another of the many emails I received is shown below.

2. Hi,

I Discover your site, “mcushion” searching for the brand of mattress made use of by a La Quinta Hotel that I stayed at lately as well as discovered to be most comfy.

I am 78 years of ages side sleeper with the extremely inadequate pose at 5′ 7″ yet reducing, as well as evaluate 190. I am very energetic servicing my farm driving as well as maintaining tractors, planting and different other type farm chores.

I have a background of lower lumbar disc problems, set up for surgery years ago, but I cancelled as my back had considerably enhanced.

I still have some pain in the back at times if I overdo exercises. Other than that, I remain in good physical condition.

I now require to replace for myself a 7 inches high full mattress, and a structure that is 7 1/2 inches high. They sit on the side rails of the bed; total height of the flooring is 23 1/2 inches.

Mattresses Being Used In Hotel LaQuinta

Simmons Beautyrest Mattress

Here is the answer to the question being asked in the emails;

The mattress at LaQuinta is a Simmons Beautyrest. Hotels are much more interested in making their visitors comfortable as well as less about the sturdiness of the mattress. They utilize reduced end Beautyrests and also replace them every couple of years. Things that make a Beautyrest so comfortable is the design of the coil system. Beautyrest coils are individually swiped and also relocate individually from one another. This gives support that contours to the body preserve the spinal column’s all-natural placement. Nevertheless, the steel utilized to make the Simmons coils are not tempered as well as the furniture used is, mostly, memory foam. These aspects are what causes the lack of resilience and also the main reasons that their testimonials are so poor.

Simmons mattresses are offered in plush or company with or without a pillowtop. Pillowtops provide added surface area comfort that starts to shed their shape and that convenience within months. Plush designs are made luxurious by using a much thinner scale wire for the coils than what is utilized in the firmer models. Plush & Pillowtop versions are made to offer, however, last just a short time, and are the significant source of all their complaints. Consequently, we have selected not to provide these designs on our site. They are a waste of cash, not to mention the stress.

For you, I have 2 recommendations. The initial is one we’ve suggested plenty of times over the years, as well as with no grievances. That would certainly be a Simmons Beautyrest Top Quality in Luxury Firm, and also an Ever-Eden 2″ soft Talalay Latex topper to choose it. 100% Natural Latex is and also has actually been the most effective, (most comfy & most resistant), furniture product offered for the last 100 years and also far above the memory foam made use of in the mattress. It provides surface convenience that stays fresh for years. As well as, because it is so durable, it soaks up a lot of your body weight, causing the mattress lasting a great deal longer than it would certainly without it.

The 2nd referral is with a different brand. Natura Greenspring mattresses make use of the same style coil system as the Simmons Beautyrest, yet the coils are double tempered and also much more durable. These mattresses have NO MEMORY FOAM, as well as are upholstered with all-natural Talalay latex. There are 5 options of convenience, and also all are made to last without having to purchase a separate latex mattress topper. The outcome is a much better mattress that will certainly set you back a little much less.

Both of these recommendations feature Free White Glove Distribution, & there’s No Sales Tax obligation.

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