What is Standard Crib Mattress Size for Babies?

What is Standard Crib Mattress Size for Babies?

Crib mattresses are a lot different than the normal adult mattress like euro top and pillow mattress, this mattress is for a baby and so, is likely to be designed differently and more elegantly. It is developed keeping in mind the softness, the storage around and the cushioning design so that the little one feels like spending more time in the crib. Choosing a crib can be a little difficult while you look for a variety of products in the niche.

So, with this article, we will make it super easy for you to choose a crib mattress for your child. The first and the foremost thing you must look for while you choose a crib mattress is the safety of your child. There are different kinds of crib mattress that you got to choose from. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, you will be selecting depending upon the requirement of your little one like you select between plush and firm mattresses for yourself.

What are the Standard Baby’s Crib Mattress Types?

A standard crib mattress is the most popular and purchased kind of mattress for baby’s parents around the world. It measures around 28 inches by 52 inches that suits best for most babies. The standard crib for baby is the most expensive one as compared to the mini cribs that are little smaller in size. Most of the standard cribs can be converted into a toddler’s bed so that your little one cannot escape the crib and stays safe.

Then there are mini cribs that has the size of 24 inches by 38 inches which is suitable for kids who share room with their elder or twin siblings. This crib is quite small and is portable too. So, if you are thinking of moving or going to the baby’s grandparent’s house too you can use this crib. It is less expensive than the standard crib mattress.

The third type of crib is the shaped crib. The mini and standard cribs generally come in rectangular shape. But some wish to have a different shape in their crib and so opt out for a shaped crib. These cribs are available in different sizes with circle or round shape.

Safety Standards for Baby Crib Mattress

Standard Crib Mattress Size

As the baby’s safety is of primary importance to everyone, there needs to be the safety standards fixed for every company. The dimensions of a full-sized cribs and its mattress are already standardized by the federal regulation. And hence, you will get the same sized in cribs from whichever company you wish to purchase the mattress or crib from.

The ultimate goal of this regulation is to prevent any accidental head injuries to the little one or any issue of suffocation has to be avoided. When you look for such crib mattress you must check its firmness (You can add mattress toppers or mattress pad), the mattress contains non-toxic chemicals, there should be enough depth and weight of the mattress and finally the amount of time the mattress can be used.

Baby’s safety must come first while you choose any kind of crib mattress. So, you must properly check if the crib actually abides by the regulation and only then you must purchase it.

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