How Much Does a Mattress Weigh? (Size and Weight)

How Much Does a Mattress Weigh? (Size and Weight)

Many potential customers believe that larger the size and heavier the mattress, better is the quality of mattress. That use to happen in the old days when the mattress contained foam that was heavy and so, a heavier mattress included more amount of foam. But in today’s times, mattress’s weight and size do not matter when it comes to the quality of it.

The size matters when it comes to the width of the mattress or suitability as per the size of the bed. If mattress is smaller then the bed size, then sliding of mattress issue might occur. Then the other factors that matters for the quality mattress are the mattress type, its thickness and many more. When the mattress is heavy, it becomes difficult to move it around and if it slips out than it might break from between.

Mattress Weight Factors and Its Quality

Each kind of mattress has its own weight. So, how much does a mattress weigh depends on the type of mattress and the other following factors. If you are a traveller and looking for a portable light mattress, then you can go for the air mattress. It might get a hole when used widely, but you can easily find the hole in the air mattress and fix it quickly. Whereas the other mattresses are difficult to be fixed by self. Let’s have a look at the factors that affects the weight of a mattress.

Mattress Type

The most important factor is the type of mattress. If it is a memory foam mattress, then it will be quite heavy due to the low-density memory foam layer and high density of the foam base. This creates a greater weight of the mattress. If you are looking for an innerspring mattress, then this one is lighter than the other types of mattresses as it has steel coil in it that support base with a thin pillow top.

Latex Mattress has similar making like that of memory foam and so is little heavier. Among all the types of mattresses, the hybrid one is the heaviest as it has pressure-relieving memory foam that has bouncy innerspring coils too in it. Then there is the air mattress which is the lightest of all as discussed earlier.


Mattress Weight

The mattress that are more than 12 inches size are the ones that contains more materials or has thicker layers, then it might be more heavy. This is generally true for a high-profile mattress.

Mattress Size

More bigger the mattress, more materials it requires and hence, the mattress becomes heavier. The twin mattress is the smallest and so the lightest of all. Twin XL mattress is taller than the twin mattress to give a greater leg space and hence is little heavier than the twin mattress. Full mattress is suitable to give more room to the sleepers and weighs around 50 to 60 pounds.

 Then comes the queen mattress that is bigger in size compared to the full-sized mattress and hence weighs little more than that. Same goes for King sized bed and the California king size mattress too.

These are the basic factors that highly affects the weight of the mattress. So, while you choose a mattress, you must also take car of its weight. The Futon brand offers different sizes of mattresses that are less heavy and offers different sizes that you can check in this article.

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